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Guide to essay completion for those taking the Diploma
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Writing Essays Well for the E-Quip Course
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Writing Good Essays: A Step by Step Account and Pitfalls to Avoid
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Q: Is this for me?

A: If you are an Orthodox Christian who wants to know more about the Faith and Life of the Church and you want to do that in some detail to be better equipped to serve God through His Church ... then YES, most certainly it is for you!


Q: Won’t it be very difficult?

A: No, I assure you it will not.  No existing knowledge will be assumed.  The only thing you might need help with is study skills, but we will help you with that from the beginning.


Q: Will I get anything at the end of the Course?

A: Yes, a Diploma.


Q: Who wrote these lectures?

A: Mostly Archpriest Gregory Hallam and Fr. Emmanuel Kahn.  In Year 1 Term 3 (Church History) the collaboration was between Fr. Gregory and Mr. Dimitri Brady.  Other lectures have been written by guest contributors and these have been indicated on the appropriate pages.


Q: Is this Diploma blessed for use in the Orthodox Church?

A: Currently in the UK and Ireland It is blessed for use in the Antiochian Archdioceses of the British Isles and Ireland.  Internationally it is being used under licence in the US (soon, June 2020), Cuba, Macedonia and it is also affiliated with the St. Gregory Nazianzen Orthodox Institute (Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Venezuela, and the Islands of the Caribbean - Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople).


Q:  Is this Course recognised by any secular higher educational institution?

A:  At the moment no, although we may explore this in the future.  However, such recognition is sometimes problematic in western secular academic institutions which often try to control course delivery in ways that are not consistent with Holy Orthodoxy.  There are also many extra costs involved which would restrict our development potential and accessibility for students.  It matters much more to us that the Course is blessed and accredited by the hierarchs of our Church.  In consequence, we receive no external grants or funding, either from secular institutions or the Church..


Q:  Who will do the teaching? 

A;  Each Centre delivering this course has a team of experienced and theologically trained lecturers.


Q: When will it start and how often will it meet?

A: Locally delivered lectures start when there are a sufficient number of students at a nearby Lecture Centre. For students living at some distance from the nearest Centre, the Course can start at any time.


Q:  Will I have to complete the essays?

A:  If you are taking the Diploma option, yes, ... 2 essays each term from a choice of 5 options, making 6 altogether over each year.  FULL ASSISTANCE WILL BE GIVEN for those for whom this might otherwise be a daunting prospect.


Q:  Who will be assessing the essays?

A:  Archpriest Gregory Hallam (Course Director); Fr Emmanuel Kahn (Assistant Course Director); 


Q:  Will I need to attend every week (unless personal circumstances intervene)?

A:  For students able to attend a local centre, yes.  There are 10 meetings in each of 3 terms annually.  There is also, however, a Distance Learning option which is the usual option for most.  The Distance Learning Option has the advantage of students completing the essays at their own pace.


Q:  In local centres, may I attend occasionally as a “VISITOR” and not complete any essays?

A:  Yes you may ... but you won’t qualify for the Diploma.


Q:  Can non-Orthodox attend?

A:  This course is not designed for those who have little first-hand experience of Orthodoxy and who are not yet part of the life of the Church.  It is not aimed, for example, at enquirers but rather Orthodox Christians who want to be better equipped for their faith and life.  However, non-Orthodox may take the Diploma by agreement with their local Course Director.


Q:  Will it cost anything?

A:  For all STUDENTS completing the Diploma, yes.  Please refer to the fee table on the Registration page which includes provision for concessionary rates.  Non-Diploma VISITORS receiving support pay a 50% tariff.  Those simply wishing to read the lectures online as SUBSCRIBERS may do so for FREE.


To recap, there are 3 classes of participants ... STUDENTS, VISITORS and SUBSCRIBERS.

STUDENTS are those taking the Diploma and either living within visiting range of a lecture centre or those who opt for Distance Learning..  STUDENTS may register here or locally and are expected to attend weekly under the local centre option. STUDENTS not living within reasonable reach of a lecture centre and International Students without their own licensed program may apply for the Distance Learning in the usual manner.  The qualification for attaining the Diploma is simply the satisfactory completion of all Assignments to the required standard.  Full support will be given either locally or by Distance Learning.  Essays may be re-submitted (with support) if not to the required standard; so, provided you persevere successfully the outlook is good!


Registration for local STUDENTS takes place at any time before the start of the first term. Those wishing to join as STUDENTS part way through the year MAY be able to do so but in this case they should apply to the Course Director.  STUDENTS living well outside the nearest centre  and taking the Diploma as a Distance Learning Project may start at any time during the year and proceed at their own pace.


Library facilities may be available at your local Lecture Centre.  Please check.


Diplomas are only awarded to those who successfully complete the 3 year course as STUDENTS.  and they will be able to begin their Diploma studies immediately payment has been received. 


VISITORS are those not taking the Diploma but who wish to attend the lectures locally delivered.  Local library access and online / email support will be given to aid the learning process.  VISITORS will receive an appropriate Certificates of Attendance.  Registration as a Visitor is required.  


SUBSCRIBERS are those who simply want free access to the lectures and occasional email support.  Registration is not required.


A VISITOR or a SUBSCRIBER may becom a Diploma STUDENT at any time provided that they register, complete the assignments to the required standard and pay their fees subject to any concessionary rates (upon application).


Lecture access is offered on a trust basis. No one may edit or in any way publish / reproduce these lectures for anything other than their own private use.

Updated: 1st July 2020



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