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Year 1 Term 2: Liturgical Theology and Homiletics

Why Liturgical Theology? and Homiletics 1
Lecture 1B11: In this first of a series of two part lectures we explore how Liturgy and Theology both inform each other and how in the participation of the believers in the Mysteries of the Church, salvation might be attained. In the second part we introduce the task of preaching and teaching with reference to the Scriptures within the Tradition of the Church.
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Lecture 1B11: Spanish Version
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Baptism and Chrismation and Homiletics 2
Lecture 1B12: In this lecture we study how a person is incorporated by baptism into Christ and His Body the Church with a transformation acquisition of the Holy Spirit through chrismation. The second homiletics lecture looks at the objectives of preaching and teaching.
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Lecture 1B12: Spanish Version
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The Eucharist and Homiletics 3
Lecture 1B13: In this lecture we explore the origin and development of the Divine Liturgy in the eastern rites, considering also the place of the Eucharist in the mission of the Church. In the homiletics lecture we examine the personal, social and spiritual context of preaching.
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Lecture 1B13: Spanish Version
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The Sanctification of Space and Time and Homiletics 4
Lecture 1B14: We explore how all things in the spacetime continuum can be transformed, made holy, by the God who is the only absolute frame of reference for all things that are both relative to each other and contingent upon Him. In the homiletics section we examine how people learn and how the teacher can the better teach.
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Lecture 1B14: Spanish Version
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The Sanctification of Matter and Life and Homiletics 5
Lecture 1B15: Orthodox worship is sacramental through and through. Both the goodness of the created order and the fullness of the Incarnation require that the physical realm be venerated as a vehicle for the spiritual. In this lecture we consider the implications for anthropology, sacramental theology and iconography. The homiletics section explores best practice in sermon preparation and composition.
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Lecture 1B15: Spanish Version
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The Sanctification of Persons and Saints and Homiletics 6
Lecture 1B16: In this lecture we discover the importance of the saints in Orthodox worship and life. They embody the gospel life and show just how possible and necessary it is to aim for sanctity in our Christian lives. In the homiletics section we look at how appropriate content is chosen and arranged in a sermon or teaching session.
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Lecture 1B16: Spanish Version
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Liturgical Space and Homiletics 7
Description: Lecture 1B17: Church Architecture is as much concerned with presenting the gospel as the icons that our temples contain. This lecture traces historical developments in Rome and then in the Christian east. The homiletics talk examines how effective preachers and teachers use (and not abuse) the Scriptures, the Fathers and the Lives of the Saints in their pedagogy and proclamation.
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Lecture 1B17: Spanish Version
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Prayer, Liturgical and Personal and Homiletics 8
Description: Lecture 1B18: In this lecture we explore the dynamic connections between liturgical and personal prayer and in the homiletics section we consider what we can learn from the arts and the sciences in terms of effective communication.
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Lecture 1B18: Spanish Version
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Liturgical Miscellany and Homiletics 9
Description: Lecture 1B19: This lecture gives an overview of occasional services in the Orthodox Church together with an introduction to liturgical chant. The homiletics lecture looks at the practical compositional process for a sermon or talk. This is the first part, to be completed in Homiletics 10 with a practical worked example.
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Lecture 1B19: Spanish Version
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Historical Development in the Liturgical Rites, East and West and Homiletics 10
Lecture 1B20 : In this lecture we trace the historical development in the liturgical rites both in the east and the west with reference to the Eucharist and the Hours of Prayer. In the final homiletics talk we offer a commentary on the composition of a sermon podcasted on Ancient Faith Radio entitled: "The Journey and the Voice" on 6th March 2015 (follow the link in the right hand side panel, "Voice from the Isles" and search for "Journey.")
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Lecture 1B20: Spanish Version
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Bibliography for Year 1 Term 2
books do not have to be studied or acquired! E-Quip however offers the widest possible resource base.
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Year 1 Term 2 Bibliography: Spanish Version
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Assignment Choice for Year 1 Term 2
Choose 2 out of 5.
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Assignment Choice for Year 1 Term 2: Spanish Version
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