E-Quip Course in Orthodox Christian Faith and Life
E-Quip Course in Orthodox Christian Faith and Life

Year 1 Term 1: Orthodox Faith and Life

The Unity of Theology, Experience and Practice
Lecture 1A1: In this first lecture the relationship between theology and prayer is explored.
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1A1: Bulgarian Version
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God - Known and Unknown
Lecture 1A2: In this lecture we examine the contrasting methods of theologising whereby we confess both our ignorance and our enlightenment concerning the Unknown God who reveals Himself.
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What is Truth?
Lecture 1A3: We examine and compare the notion of truth in Orthodox Christianity with those philosophies and ideologies that fall short of this standard.
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Sources in Tradition
Lecture 1A4: In this lecture the sources of authority in Holy Tradition in the Orthodox Catholic Church are mapped, explained and compared with the teachings of heterodox traditions.
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Biblical Canon and Interpretation
Lecture 1A5: We explore the formation of the Canon in the Old and New Testaments and then consider how the Scriptures were interpreted by the Fathers and their successors down to the present day.
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The Human Person
Lecture 1A6: Orthodox anthropology is a prerequisite for understanding salvation in Christ. This lecture sets the scene for the topics of the following four lectures.
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Ancestral Sin and Salvation
Lecture 1A7: In this lecture we compare and contrast the Orthodox doctrine of ancestral sin with the west’s understanding of original sin after Augustine. Quite different notions of salvation are involved based on different assumptions concerning the human person.
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Salvation History
Lecture 1A8:Building on Lecture 1A7 we consider the saving actions of God in time and Orthodoxy’s dialogue with other religions and, beyond this, salvation in the context of humanity’s place in the Cosmos.
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The Christ of Chalcedon
Lecture 1A9: This lecture has two parts. The first traces the development of the Chalcedonian Definition concerning Christ, His dual nature and single personhood. The second part explores significance of Chalcedonian Christianity for the transformation of both the human person and the Cosmos.
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The Death and Resurrection of Christ
Lecture 1A10: In this lecture different understandings of salvation illuminating the cross and the empty tomb are presented from Scripture and Tradition, contrasting both Orthodox and heterodox doctrines.
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Bibliography for Year 1 Term 1
All of these books do not have to be studied or acquired! E-Quip however offers the widest possible resource base.
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Year 1 Term 1 Bibliography: Spanish Version
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Assignment Choice for Year 1 Term 1
Choose 2 out of 5.
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Year 1 Term 1 Assignments: Spanish Version
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