E-Quip Course in Orthodox Christian Faith and Life
E-Quip Course in Orthodox Christian Faith and Life

E-Quip is a Course blessed by a number of bishops worldwide and is provided by the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of the British Isles and Ireland with the blessing of its Metropolitan.

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The Diploma option is free for all students!


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Let us help one other in this holy task!

With thanks to Triantaphyllos (Ramon) Perez from the Orthodox Church in Cuba, the E-Quip lectures are now available here in Spanish.  Thanks also to Kameliya Konstantinova and Diana Vatsova who are currently translating them into Bulgarian, (Lectures 1A1 to 1A2 are already completed and uploaded), together with George Petkos who is about to begin translation into Greek. If you can help them or offer other languages, please let us know at this contact email: info@aidanorthodox.com


If you would like to deliver the Course locally and in person at your own community venue (according to the terms and conditions of our Licence) please also get in touch.  We will support you in achieving that every step of the way.


For everyone else, you have here all that you will need, including the lectures themselves, on this website. For further help as and when required, do let us know!


Archpriest Gregory Hallam, Course Director

The E-Quip Team!

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