E-Quip Course in Orthodox Christian Faith and Life
E-Quip Course in Orthodox Christian Faith and Life

Year 3 Term 2: Pastoral and Ascetical Theology

Repentance, Confession and Reconciliation
Lecture 3B71
Adobe Acrobat document [116.0 KB]
Healing and Deliverance
Lecture 3B72
Adobe Acrobat document [240.9 KB]
The Spiritual Father in Orthodox Christianity (Metropolitan Kallistos Ware)
Lecture 3B73
Adobe Acrobat document [431.0 KB]
Lecture 3B74
Adobe Acrobat document [101.9 KB]
Lecture 3B75
Adobe Acrobat document [288.3 KB]
Almsgiving and Stewardship
Lecture 3B76
Adobe Acrobat document [402.9 KB]
Vocation and Work
Lecture 3B77
Adobe Acrobat document [276.6 KB]
Relationships, Marriage and Family
Lecture 3B78
Adobe Acrobat document [242.5 KB]
Gender and Sexuality
Lecture 3B79
Adobe Acrobat document [286.2 KB]
The Canonical Tradition of the Orthodox Church (Revd. Fr. Alexander Tefft)
Lecture 3B80
Adobe Acrobat document [275.6 KB]
Bibliography for Year 3 Term 2
Adobe Acrobat document [117.2 KB]
Assignment Choice for Year 3 Term 2
Choose 2 out of 5.
Adobe Acrobat document [62.3 KB]

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